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Poem for pitter​-​patter, pit​-​pat, listen to the rain! pitter​-​patter, pit​-​pat, raining again​.​.​. compilation on se Dessaisir Publishing
Four Movements text for Somewhere Press
Vlog for (the late show with) memoir event at TKO Tokyo
DJ set at Krakowska 34 for CHRZSZCZ #1
Interview with Health Gossip World
Album text for Staś Czekalski's Przygody on Mondoj
Poem for Lynn Calender 2024

DJ set/reading at Bemma Bar for 21.10 BEST BEFORE
Album text for The Motifs' I'm the one you love... on Daisart
Text and reading for Johanna Owen's Soon Enough, Congruence Montez Press Radio show
DJ set at Betel Kraków for wiosenna wyprzedaż garażowa
DJ set at Święta Krowa in Kraków for ehh hahah, Szalwia, Sohyun Han, Lorelai B. Woch show

DJ set at Stakkato in Kraków for Skądinąd #2 Muzyka W Krakowie show
Texts for Seasons Guide Vol. 2
Album text for James Marrs' James Marrs on Laura Lies In
Nadia chapbook designed and printed by N. Weltyk
Album text for Rupert Clervaux's Zibaldone IV of CVX on Laura Lies In

"Opening source-źródło" as Street Cries with Filip G. for Montez Press Radio
Ludwinów short film for "そら" streaming event
Album text for James Marrs' JM2020 on Laura Lies In
Mix for Blue Xp

Album text for Sol Ring's I Close the Door Upon Myself on JEROME
Album text for James Marrs' No worries if not on Laura Lies In

July 2016-July 2020

Sep 2019-Feb 2020
Writer at FACT

July 2016-Dec 2019
Writer at Tiny Mix Tapes

Desire chapbook for Cooperative Editions
You think you have style yet when you are handed the means of production… hand knit top
Poems and readings for Kenji's cassette 愛の響き on Absurd Trax
I can not be there but I am here live stream reading at Lubov and Room 4 with Johanna Owen and Frances
Liner notes for June Chikuma's Les Archives
nice shop su 5th anniversary exhibition at shop su

note: standing prop w/ Doris Guo, Cole Lu, Adriana Ramić, Toms Roch, and Peter Wilson curated by Manila Institute at 55 Walker
Sound for carl1's Blue God 2: My Letter Tenderly w/ David Grubba
Subway, Street, and Other Public Musics, Vol. 3 for Watch Pineapple Press
Tags still attached w/ amy for Gauss PDF
Hugo’s Polish in Three Months Cassette Tape Language Course cassette for Podunk
Photo essay for Your're #2
02 w/ Sarah Marshall curated by Kazuma Sasajima at


Subway, Street, and Other Public Musics, Vol. 2
"Review" for Very Gois #04 w/ Theodore Cale Schafer
Thoughts of a Young Girl EP for ancient bog attitude
#17SEP17SUN w/ 足助, Takamitsu Ohta, Shintaro Matsuo, and Sean Tatol curated by Kazuma Sasajima at nice shop su
The Creative Independent Weekend Artist series
Reading at HUT VIII
1606 for ancient bog attitude
Looking at your mint
21091207097346469436 for ancient bog attitude w/ Theodore Cale Schafer
Natalie R. by Natalie P., a Play in 12 Acts
SIM letter
Subway, Street, and Other Public Musics, Vol. 1
Poetry for Children 

Care,com pdf for Inpatient Press

Poem for Your're #1

Writer at Queen Mob's Teahouse
   Selected texts
   Factual Telepathy
   A five part reading of Diane di Prima's Dinners & Nightmares
   Review of Kate Colby's I Mean
   Notes Towards the Rise of Hundred Million Dollar Art

Missing Chicken chapbook for Cooperative Editions (pdf)