Elizabeth by LA Warman

An improvised talk on the topic of the internet.

Recorded in 2015 on an iPhone 5 while walking around Amherst, MA. LA writes, "The statement, "If we could fully be on the internet then we would not have to make money" is false." LA writes, "She was scared and wanted to be alone. Alone in the small town where everyone knew her name. Where people saw her long hair and read her as hetero. She is a body who hides. Who is hiding in the digital."

Cassette comes attached to a wallet keychain and with printed liner notes.

Assembled between Santa Fe, NM and Brooklyn, NY. 2017-2018. Mastered by Theodore Cale Schafer. Laym 02. Sold out.

Care,com by Natalia Panzer

A poem about menial labor. Written while concurrently working as a tea shop barista, day housekeeper, and freelance copywriter for an outsourcing company that worked with clients like Amazon and Brecks flowers.

Written in Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY. 2015-2016. Audio made at https://www.fromtexttospeech.com/ with 'Emma' in British English. Good to listen to while riding the bus or train, sitting in traffic, waiting in line...

CD-R assembled in Santa Fe, NM. April 2017. Laym 01. Sold out.

Looking at your mint (est. 2017) publishes audio

Natalia Panzer

Theodore Cale Schafer