świ(eż)szy, do domu

"27 kwietnia 2024"

planter on balcony that has wild plants in it


"16 kwietnia 2024"

my clothing racks


"15 kwietnia 2024"

books from my połka spilled all over the place


"13 kwietnia 2024"

czarny bez in vase on my table


"26 marca 2024"

beehive shaped candle and photo frames with wielkanoc pocztowki


"10 marca 2024"

table with vases flowers candle and book


"11 lutego 2024 (Mateusz's house)"

table of stuff

lamp with wool as lampshade

cassette deck

pictures and stuff on wood beam

lamp and pretty things

desk lamp and pretty things

treasure box on shelf

zaumne and stas record or poster or something


"27 stycznia 2024"

półka and my new 4 leaf clover cookiecutter

beeswax candles from hala targowa


"21 stycznia 2024"

capricorn needlepoint i got at hala targowa


"10 stycznia 2024"

wool coats hanging in the back courtyard

wool coats hanging in the back courtyard


"1 stycznia 2024"


book and candle print on połka


"31 grudnia 2023"

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023

sylwester 2023


"16 grudnia 2023"

plants at clare's apartment in paris

plant in kitchen at clare's apartment in paris


"1 grudnia 2023"

plant wrapping around door frame


"18 wzreśnia 2023"

kalendarz i piec

sunflowers on the table in a vase with pollen dropped down in a ring on the table, sunflower fairy ring



"13 wzreśnia 2023"


szafka obok drzwi z kwiatkami


"8 wzreśnia 2023"









"2 wzreśnia 2023"

ogrodek na dole budynku

ogrodek na dole budynku

nowa sofa i nowy stół

nowa sofa detaile

nowa sofa


"17 maja 2023"

my white blouses hanging waiting to be steamed

my new orange vintage suitcase


"16 października 2022"

jarmuz in a cream tote hanging on hook on the wall


"13 października 2022"

watering plants in the tub


"3 października 2022"

marilia's headphones balanced on photo charger in the socket


"20 sierpnia 2022"

potted plants and picture frame on shelf in marilia's house

marilia's insanely huge suitcase full of sutff, ready for moving


"5 sierpnia 2022"

potted plants outside very white greek house

wood flute and stick in terra cotta pot in greek house

a bag with bread hanging on door in nikia


"25 lipca 2022"

alix's house, outside

alix's house, candles

alix's house, straw hats

alix's house, open book showing tub

alix's house, open book showing tub

alix's house, open book showing harp

alix's house, open book showing green interior


"22 lipca 2022"

bottle of kombucha on my table next to computer open to memetides showing pic of said kombucha


"16 czerwca 2022"

Cream silk shirt on my bed with sewing stuff to sew one button on


"15 czerwca 2022"

Pretty flowers at my bedside


"11 czerwca 2022"

Breakfast at M's, radishes and cottage cheese on toast

Plant on chair at M's

M's wardrobe, red bag and plant


"5 czerwca 2022"

Cream cardigan and silk shirt waiting on couch to have buttons sewn on


"1 czerwca 2022"

Plants in bathtub


"21 maja 2022"

Light blue underwar on an egg-shaped lamp


"19 maja 2022"

My black coats hanging in my white wardrobe

Some white shirts and other clothing hanging on clothing rack in my warsaw room


"13 maja 2022"

Long red scarf hanging in szafa in hostel in Warsaw


"20 kwietnia 2022"

Marilia's red tea towel and yellow bowl that she uber'd me chocolate cake in on my windowsill in my kitchen

do urzędu selfie in black suit, square toed black shoes and purple socks


"10 kwietnia 2022"

Nutella jar with milky liquid on it on piec in basia's house


"22 marca 2022"

Marilia's headscarf hanging on a wooden door

Bag of crackers and iphone and half a cork and a glass bottle on a windowsill at night


"14 marca 2022"

Bureau in living room


"12 marca 2022"

From above yellow roses and book Polish Art in the 1970s


"18 lutego 2022"

Pink tulips lying horizontally on top of an empty glass vase


"15 lutego 2022"

Red flowers in jar on my windowsill


"11 lutego 2022"

Red envelope from sarah decorated cute


"22 stycznia 2022"

Me knitting in bed with head hole of sweater and computer visible

Holding out arm in my knitted top with really long sleeve, open weave cream yarn, like ramen noodles


"9 stycznia 2022"

Flower in wine bottle on sunny windowsill at Marilia's


"8 stycznia 2022"

French toast Marilia made us on plate with cup on table


"7 stycznia 2022"

A brown bottle with label kwass pietruskowy with dried baby's breath flowers inside on windowsill where window is open and blue sky and buildings can be seen outside


"31 grudnia 2021"

Stuff on my bed white sheets, white towels, cream pajamas, red socks, red sweaters


"27 grudnia 2021"

Black leather gloves on my black leather backpack on a wooden bench


"20 grudnia 2021"

My black radio on my wooden cadenza and my hand holding up peace sign blurrily in the bottom left corner


"12 grudnia 2021"

A bunch of clothes and bags and stuff piled up on my pink bedspread

Me holding my blue pehu dress against my blue pehu pants on the bed

Picture of my computer with Photobooth screen open when I am standing in my pehu pants with one knee bent on the bed


"11 listopada 2021"

My sweater hanging in Marilia's closet

Marilia's drawers, shelf with mirror, things


"6 listopada 2021"

A bunch of balls of white wool yarn in a cabinet on top of journals and vhs tapes and other random things


"30 października 2021"

Ciocia Ania's kuchnia


"10 października 2021"

Freezer tubs and glass drying on table while we were defrosting freezer


"26 września 2021"

Red rose, green bag, stuff from Anna on shelf in cadenza, can see sewing stuff on bottom shelf


"22 września 2021"

Red sweater lying on my white duvet cover in natural afternoon light and shadow


"17 września 2021"

Yellow dish holding salt being tipped by a glass saucepan lid accidentally placed on its edge, held in a delicate arrangement on the counter in front of olive oil and avocado oil bottles and beside my cast iron, newly seasoned


"28 sierpnia 2021"

My black clothing pieces hanging on free-standing clothing rack in the room I stayed in in Warsaw


"27 sierpnia 2021"

Celes' cassette tape pictured on top of the boombox in my house


"25 sierpnia 2021"

Me unpacking my new rode microphone in bed


"24 sierpnia 2021"

My cream cardigan on my white bedspread in a bunch

My cream cardigan on my white bedspread in a bunch


"10 sierpnia 2021"

Looking down into a black dye bath in a stainless steel pot on ablack induction stove, an aqua-coloured rubber-gloved hand is helf open palm with fingers against the pot rim to the lef of photo


"8 sierpnia 2021"

Old-fashioned suitcase lined in paper sitting open on my windowsill


"15 lipca 2021"

Flash photo of my work computer, headphone, other computer and notebook on my table and various cords too


"18 czerwca 2021"

Photo of outside of my apartment building, three floors, painted in light purple, some chipped sections, light yellow stripe near the bottom

Overhead shot showing, left to right, vase with dried large daisy flowers, open Polish workbook with Kindle on top, and Miron Białoszewski CDs on top of my boombox


"12 czerwca 2021"

An open drawer lined in patterned paper full of Polish receipts, or paragony?


"11 czerwca 2021"

My regular backpack, small leather, and my new work backpack, huge sporty techy, next to each other on a mustard yellow pillow

Lamp, fotel with blanket and my new work computer on it, bureau with vase and flowers on it, stereo in my living room

Flowers in vase on my wooden bedside table


"06 czerwca 2021"

świ(eż)szy, co to znaczy? świeższy = fresher. świszy = freaking out.


"05 czerwca 2021"

Photo of my open szafa with dresses and coats hanging

Cream fabric and wood-armed sofa chair in the living room with a new cream knitted blanket on it I got

Photo looking into my new kitchen, table, flowers on the table, window in the back, parquet floors, white curtains, hanging bulbs, natural light

świ(eż)szy, do domu