photos from deleted accounts (2017-early 2020), home

Picture of a foggy roof looking out from the top of a greenhouse

Homemade turmeric kombucha in a thin borosilicate 300ml glass on a round white tabletop. a blurred hint of room in the background.

A girl crouches on a park path, looking down. Photographed from behind, we can not see what she sees on the path. She wears a white jacket with a yellow smiley face on the back, a white dress or skirt printed with red and green, white tights or tall socks with bows at the knee and baby pink sneakers.

Coin collecting supplies including black mounting pieces, clear mini vinyl slips spilling from a small white envelope printed with '812', a gridded vinyl binder sleeve to hold the mounts and individual slips, a black binder separator, instructions and the large white envelope it arrived in strewn on a powder pink bedsheet.

Photographed from behind, a person wearing a delicate pink and white sun hat sits on a green park bench.

A water glass, black and white photos, a remote, reading glasses, a glass cake plate, a glass mug and a large glass candy dish piled full of plum cakes arranged on a table covered in a pink, white and grey cloth. The photographer is seated at one end of the table, closest to the water glass, while the rest of the table and objects stretch away from the photographer into the room. Descending or ascending perspective, considering. In the background, a wooden bureau with a potted plant, papers, a handbag, a large water bottle and other household items. Small wood-framed prints and paintings scattered on the wall.

Five cups on a table in a restaurant. 3 x hexagonal beer glasses full of ice. 2 x Irish coffee glasses topped with a metal percolator dripping coffee onto a layer of sweetened condensed milk. These two glasses are placed on a small white plate that also holds a straw and a spoon. Front counter and drink fridge in the background.

A white trash bag moonlights as a garment bag. It hangs from a ceiling pipe in a white room. Pink and black items within. Wall clock reads 17 minutes and 43 seconds after 5.

Sculptural floral light fixture illuminates a green-walled room, photographed from below.

Sunlight shines through tall trees onto mossy glade floor.

Book page showing two different ways to light a still life of vase, flowers, cut glass wares, a bottle of what may be infused oil.

On a grassy knoll with dark green woods in the background, a 3 x 4 block of wooden tables with green specimens embedded in their tops, possibly grass, moss, viewed in 1-point perspective.

Selfie from below. Hair cut in bob to jawline. Wearing cream poet-type blouse with large wing collar.

I am holding a paperback book open to a story titled 'The Form of Space'. Some leaves act as a bookmark.

A girl wearing a pink puffer jacket with fur collar, white tights and flats is pictured at the bottom of a concrete stairwell in a park holding her toys, which obscure her face.

A child's legs wearing white tights with red bows along the side, white heeled church shoes, a glittery white skirt and multi-coloured striped jacket are walking across a crosswalk. Fragment of legs beside wearing sensible black pumps, long black skirt, brown tartan coat.

A child's legs wearing white tights with red bows along the side, white heeled church shoes, a glittery white skirt and multi-coloured striped jacket stand on curb by a rainwater drain.

A red-gloved hand holds a bottle of Canada Dry seltzer in front of a brown grass expanse with fuzzy cityscape in the background.

Wallet, iPhone laid on a taupe rain jacket in a wheeled laundromat basket next to a yellow plastic basket

Inside of a laundromat showing washers and dryers

Hand-written note on a piece of white paper resting on fragment of black scanner reads 'RESERVED AT 12:30PM for NATALIA & EMILY'

Newly-cut leaves and stems from a just-purchased bouquet cover a round white table next to full and empty vases, a box of straws, books, a tote, a laptop computer.

Mirror selfie wearing black mesh ankle socks, long black skirt and black bra with straps hanging down, and semi-sheer white cotton slip dress layered over top.

Mirror selfie with flash obscuring face posed a breath before sideways. Barefoot and wearing white slip skirt, nude girdle shorts pulled high, poets blouse pulled up at front.

Cream Edwardian-style lace-up heeled shoes lie in two sides of a shoebox on a grey-blue bed spread.

Red roses, candle, candies on a white tabletop.

Three fruit custard tarts arranged on a white plate on a white table. Wine and water bottles, mug, napkin or paper are also on the table. Legs in grey cargo pants walk through the background.

Photographed from above against concrete sidewalk, an arm from elbow down wearing grey jacket, black wool cardigan, cream cinched poets blouse, red glove.

Photographed from behind, a person walks down a busy street wearing white go-go boots, a deconstructed denim skirt and jacket with a long black fishnet sleeve hanging down past the jacket's cuff.

Photographed from above against a dirty subway platform, someone holds a purple handbag and bouquet of purple flowers wrapped in black paper. A purple pant leg is also visible.

On a NYC subway car with orange seats, a person wears a generic plastic shopping bag as a scarf.

Scan of a page of a book titled 'Feverish Propositions'.

photos from deleted accounts (2017-early 2020), home