food as texture, home

No money. Worried basically constantly. Shame. I'm hungry. I'm working seven days per week. It's Monday. I made no money today and yesterday the same (roasted cauliflower soup, also blended, also chunky, wondering about whether to strain and a warm sandwich on toasted ciabatta with kale sunflower seeds romanesco melted mozzarella a fried egg and balsamic that has congealed or been formed into little crunchy morsels like freeze-dried bacon. It smells up the whole "fry the eggs" that I think because it's the same kind of one we used, unventilated, that would embed itself into my clothes, hair, and those of the customers, hereee). What am I doing? I need treats for no reason.


lobster palace society
"the vaunted Delmonico's, which offered a hundred different soupd on any given day" - Bourdain, Typhoid Mary


I used to not like almond butter, which is crazy
Why do chickpeas come in glass jars rather than in cans in Europe?


Tłusty czwartek, miód
Rose pączek in a brown take away hamburger box, pictured birds-eye

Holding out my hand sideways next to a large jar of dandelion honey

Rose pączek, a glass of water and a mug of purple-red tea with a country-style lid, very popular in Poland placed on top of honey jars over the mug. Pictured birds-eye


Gruszki, grzybi
Screenshot of a row of 6 illustrated green pears taken from google when searching 'Gruszka'

Glazed ceramic looking button mushroom with chestnut brown top


I used to eat pieces of computer paper torn off into little bits for the dirt, starch, anemik
Screenshot of website listing some symptoms of anemia, notably, 'Craving non-food items like dirt or starch'


Holy water in Athens
A copper dispenser holding holy water, white plastic cups stacked beside


Everyone in the house has their own clear glass mug - one selected from the small group of slight variants used* that all guests must commit to memory upon entering (no mixing). Found on the left shelf
*many more unused

Clear glass vases and various glasses on a floating shelf, above another floating shelf full of dark glass


I think about this.. frequently
Tweet from @chelsea_hogue that reads 'What happened to rich children just being eccentric weirdos in their big mansions? Eating jar of marmalade with a teaspoon and playing piano with their toes for their maids'


Suzanne Valadon
Painting of basket of eggs by Suzanne Valadon


Anise candies were first made by the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Flavigny (founded in 719), as reported by the Roman traveller Flavius. After the French revolution, several confectioners began making this delicacy using the same recipe. Only one manufacturer remains today at the abbey, Maison Troubat, who claims to follow a recipe which has been in use since 1591.


Thought about it but


Rotten chestnuts taste like salmon

File:Metsys Elizabeth I The Sieve Portrait c1583.jpg


August 24, 2020: Breakfast
Laminated sourdough fruit & spice loaf made with rye starter, currants, all spice, cinnamon, powdered ginger and a lot of butter. Greek yoghurt, cinnamon apples, orange.


Things for things
It's like when you rearrange all of the items in your kitchen and then find yourself instinctively going back to where they lived before, and catching yourself in that moment


Gooseberries, the last seasonal fruit
A favourite country house dish was a gooseberry tansey, made by frying the fruit in butter and pouring a mixture of egg yolks and cream sweetened with sugar into the frying pan. The finished tansey was then strewn with rosewater and sugar.


Cheese, bread, cakes, fruit, plants
I wish someone would ship me a box of


Things to Do with Sorrel
"Pan sear with butter, and pair with a thin piece of veal in a port reduction, with a very light sprinkling of sumac."


Gaudí's birthplace
Riudoms is a town in the comarca of Baix Camp, province of Tarragona, in Catalonia, located about five kilometres from the regional capital Reus. The main product is the hazelnut, today in recession, and extra virgin olive oil.


Nevio scala gargante garganega veneto italia
Person silently reading a book about wine on the train. Another person reading out loud from a book. A bit of a weird thing to do, read out loud. Riders steal glances and so do I. If they were talking to someone their behaviour would be deemed socially acceptable, a non-thought. Reading out loud to self unacceptable.


After Perec's Life: A User's Manual
-Things on a tray obscuring the image printed on the tray
-Room so long you can't shoot an arrow across
-Whiskey and salted biscuits
-Jane Sutton's room (light green wallpaper)
-Blown glass grapes
-A coffee pot kept always hot
-Children in clogs going gathering milk with dented cans
-Mint cake found in an almanac


food as texture, home