Sister shop to Osaka's nice shop su. Objects from the gallery. Curation beginning with objects as of July 20, 2018. Prices arbitrary and negotiable. Please send any questions to

NIKKI blazer. Made in the USA. Oversized/Medium. Light. $5 + $3s&h.

Quinze heures trente. Made in Paris. Size 6. Knee length. Fairy. $5 + $3s&h.

Gianni Petite. Made in the USA. Size 4. Dry clean only. Shiny. $5 + $3s&h.

By Natalia Panzer. Podunk Label, 2018. Words on tape. Frustration and mistakes. Comedy. More information here. $5 + $4s&h.

U.S. Polo Assn. Made in Bangladesh. Size 20. Medium. Wide fit. Nice collar. $3 + $2s&h.

No tag. Fits medium. Knee length. $3 + $2s&h.

From Tatol Publications. Printed in China. Regarding automobiles. More info here. $13 + $3s&h.