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'Untitled 2' by Gem Vision from Space Heater (self-released? 2010?)

I recently moved house and parsed through all of my things. To treasure or to toss? I uncovered an old usb drive full of music from 2009-2013. I recognized all of the tracks but didn't remember many of the artists. Most files didn't have metadata attached but this one did: Space Heater by Gem Vision. This album doesn't seem to exist online anymore but some traces of Gem's others do, all released by their own Watercolour (or WTR CLR?) label. I also had Lynx at some point and remember this song fondly (found linked to from a feature on Impose). For some reason feel like putting this fossil back into the fray, lately.


my first mix, 2014 or 2015, recorded onto microcasette split with sean tatol