is an upside down

"It was kind of fascinating how it created this really immersive world that you would have to keep checking back to see if anything had been added or updated; and there were a lot of easter eggs, as well. But it's this idea I haven't seen duplicated, or at least not successfully, to create this really active website that is just like a fiction you can be lost in and become a fan of. I've been thinking about this as well lately--this kind of site that you have to go to frequently doesn't exist anymore, really. There's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; we go there often to check our feeds but it's not the same as going to a specific URL that is giving you a channel, a consistent world"


AXIOMA #57 - Natalia Panzer tracklist

Through the window,
Tomoko Sauvage - Metamorphosis
"She doesn't live here anymore"
through wrought iron gates,
for a.
+you - from 'emi koussi'
Julia Perry - Homunculus, C.F., for 10 percussionists
Thoom - Tasted
조율_Joyul - Horn
Silent Observer - Wet Floor Across the Street
Sunatirene - Pulsations 00 0 00
Kazumichi Komatsu - Skip demo
Silvia Kastel - Heart 2 Tape
Máire Ní Scolaí - Dónall óg


'Untitled 2' by Gem Vision from Space Heater (self-released? 2010?)

I recently moved house and parsed through all of my things. To treasure or to toss? I uncovered an old usb drive filled with music from 2009-2013. I remembered each track but not every artist. Most files didn't have metadata attached but this one did: Space Heater by Gem Vision. This album doesn't seem to exist online anymore but some traces of Gem's others do, all released by their own Watercolour (or WTR CLR?) label. I also had Lynx at some point and remember this song fondly. Felt like putting this fossil back into the fray, lately.


my first mix, 2014 or 2015, recorded onto microcasette split with sean tatol