"November 19, 2020"

Pink hued flowers hung upside down in bunches to dry

"November 02, 2020"

Selfie in mirror

"October 28, 2020"

A white coffee maker

"October 25, 2020"

Two blue water glasses on a side table

"October 19, 2020"

A pile of blankets partially draped outside of an open window

"October 04, 2020"

One purple and one floral hand towel hanging on a line outside

"September 18, 2020"

A ThinkPad balanced on top of a English-Greek dictionary on top of a wooden stool with a keyboard and a mouse on a kitchen table

"September 17, 2020"

Baby blue running shorts on a yellow chair

"September 16, 2020"

A lamp photographed at night next to a blue glass of water

"September 09, 2020"

Linens hanging on a line strung between a building and a tree

"September 05, 2020"

A couch covered in white blanket and pillows in front of a blue wall covered in framed watercolours


Continuing a thought spawned.