"January 12, 2021"

A thin dish drying rack tipped upside down in a stainless steel sink with a blue Nalgene bottle balanced on top

"January 11, 2021"

A cramped picture taken in a tiny bathroom attempting to show the ceiling-strung clothes line

"January 10, 2021"

A small egg-shaped yellow candle with abstract chicken decorations next to a card gift from Anna showing a butterfly above the text 'How are you? May the breeze bring you the tenderness and warmth from me. Wish you good luck' in English and Korean

"December 25, 2020"

One red and one yellow nordic style fondue saucepans stacked with a wire rack on top

A spread of full fondue pans, bread baskets, purple grapes, drinking glasses and clear glass plates arranged on a low table photographed from above

Champagne coupes on a tray with a hand coming in from the back of the frame filling them from a green bottle

"December 23, 2020"

A brown leather oxford shoe on a blue checkered bedspread

"December 20, 2020"

Orange fairy lights tangled on a windowsill

"December 09, 2020"

Plants and a framed picture of a cat on a glass coffee table

"December 08, 2020"

A lemon in a white bowl on a induction stovetop

Dishes in a plastic bowl in a beige sink

"December 02, 2020"

A paper towel roll printed with colourful flowers

An onion, two tomatoes and a red capsicum on a white shelf

"November 30, 2020"

A foil-wrapped block of Polish butter sitting in a plastic dish

"November 26, 2020"

Flowers hung upside down on door hooks to dry

"November 19, 2020"

Pink hued flowers hung upside down in bunches to dry

"November 02, 2020"

Selfie in mirror

"October 28, 2020"

A white coffee maker

"October 25, 2020"

Two blue water glasses on a side table

"October 19, 2020"

A pile of blankets partially draped outside of an open window

"October 04, 2020"

One purple and one floral hand towel hanging on a line outside

"September 18, 2020"

A ThinkPad balanced on top of a English-Greek dictionary on top of a wooden stool with a keyboard and a mouse on a kitchen table

"September 17, 2020"

Baby blue running shorts on a yellow chair

"September 16, 2020"

A lamp photographed at night next to a blue glass of water

"September 09, 2020"

Linens hanging on a line strung between a building and a tree

"September 05, 2020"

A couch covered in white blanket and pillows in front of a blue wall covered in framed watercolours


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