Picture of a drinking glass decorated with balls and swirls of glass
aka J-cup

summation Mediation - the lowest amount u can get at an atm is $20, sometimes $10
U can't use a card under $10
It would be ridiculous to use a card for a ten cent transaction
Small casual transactions is what bitcoin allows summation


It is probably a game and i have to play it for my own care


Asking the same question until the repeated question and the same silence become answer

photo of two baby ducklings facing each other, with a photo of a badly cropped baby quail overlaid over one of the ducklings badly cropped baby quail
duck(j)                                                                                                        quail(n)


Photo of trains in Montana at sunset. $143.70 or thereabouts. It would have been cheaper to do it another way: running, dressing, waltz disguise. Weirdly accurate considering (last time so bad, cringing). Hanging trains, but in front. I snaked over. Didn't over. I mean ask*8**.