świ(eż)szy, do domu

"19 czerwca 2021"

Photo of my polka dot nightie (blue dots on white) next to my polka dot flat bed sheet (dark green on light yellow), in close up, fabric shot

Overhead shot of my bed showing flat sheet, a 1970s copy of Miron Białoszewski's Pamiętnik z powstania warszawskiego, my kindle, two pillows in light yellow pillow cases, bits of my duvet, brass lamp on the ground, not mine but useful


"18 czerwca 2021"

Photo of outside of my apartment building, three floors, painted in light purple, some chipped sections, light yellow stripe near the bottom

Overhead shot showing, left to right, vase with dried large daisy flowers, open Polish workbook with Kindle on top, and Miron Białoszewski CDs on top of my boombox


"12 czerwca 2021"

An open drawer lined in patterned paper full of Polish receipts, or paragony?


"11 czerwca 2021"

My regular backpack, small leather, and my new work backpack, huge sporty techy, next to each other on a mustard yellow pillow

Lamp, fotel with blanket and my new work computer on it, bureau with vase and flowers on it, stereo in my living room

Flowers in vase on my wooden bedside table


"06 czerwca 2021"

świ(eż)szy, co to znaczy? świeższy = fresher. świszy = freaking out.


"05 czerwca 2021"

Photo of my open szafa with dresses and coats hanging

Cream fabric and wood-armed sofa chair in the living room with a new cream knitted blanket on it I got

Photo looking into my new kitchen, table, flowers on the table, window in the back, parquet floors, white curtains, hanging bulbs, natural light


"04 czerwca 2021"

White sheet hanging in the sun on the open window

hoto of my open szafa with dresses and coats hanging, a bit empty

świ(eż)szy, do domu